Wednesday, April 10, 2013


There is a new church getting started in Tallahassee, Florida-
The Oaks Church

This past weekend, Sandy and I traveled to Tallahassee to visit the Donohos and participate in an Operation Saturation (going house to house to spread the word about the new church).

The stage area of the church
Nice, comfortable seats in the auditorium
The Tallahassee team has done a lot of work getting this building in great shape to have church!

Ken Akers of the Masters Men is the main sponsor of the Operation Saturation.  Here he is in the blue shirt.
On the left is home missionary, Cliff Donoho.
On the right is Cliff's son, Chad.
They are our only father-son team of home missionaries.
The two children are Chad's daughter, Anna, and son, Luke.

Sandy Atwood passing out information about the church.
She took one side of the street and I took the other.

Children's Ministries building

The Operation Saturation group
This small group covered a lot of houses.

Cliff is giving a tour and showing their top of the line sound system.

Cliff and his granddaughter, Emma

The young couple on the right, Adam and Rebekah Garrett, moved down
to help start the new church.  I love to see unselfish people like that!
In the small world category, Adam's father, Rodney, is a friend of mine from
my home church in Maryland.
Before the service, there is free coffee and doughnuts.
Kathy Donoho (Cliff's wife) is trying to decide about having one.

Chad Donoho leads the worship service from the keyboard.
His wife, Jenny, is on the praise team (in green).
They did a great job with the music, especially considering this was only the 2nd service.

Cliff Donoho preached a good message about the storms of life.

Announcing the Grand Opening Service

The Donohos are old friends and it was good to see them.
This is a great area for a new church and we are excited about the possibilities there!

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