Thursday, May 31, 2012


A group of 24 Home Mission supporters and staff members journeyed to Colorado for the Memorial Day weekend.  On Thursday night the Barry Long family came to our hotel to share some about their work in Aurora.  Here is Barry, Jessica, Austin, Abby, Braden, and Mike from their church. Thanks, Abby, for looking at my camera.

On Friday, we visited Colorado Springs.  We went to the Garden of the Gods park and some of us had to do some rock climbing.  In case you can't make it out, that is me on top of the rock with John Moran, Earl Dunn, and Richard Burns.  

We rode a train to the top of Pike's Peak - 14,000 feet high!
Here's Sandy in front of the sign.

I took this picture from the top of Pike's Peak - it doesn't do it justice.
I would have taken more, but it was cold!  In the 20's and windy.

On Saturday, we visited Castle Rock.
Here is the school where the new church meets.

Sign for Truth Free Will Baptist Church

Susan Burke and Kelly Burns

They set up for church early, so we could see what it looks like on a typical Sunday.
Here is Ron Parker with the church setup in the background.

David Crowe and Tim Stout.
It was good to have 3 Board members and their wives with us on the trip - 
Bob and Brenda Lewis, Ron and Elaine Parker, and Tim and Tobiann Stout.

Three of our Colorado home missionaries:
Barry Long, Donnie Burke, and Mark McCraney

Katie Burke

We had a mini service.  They did a great job on the music!

Tyler Burke hasn't been playing the drums very long, but did really well!

This is our group listening.
We also had a time of prayer as the missionary families knelt for prayer.

Larry and Wanda Powell talking to home missionaries.

The Long, McCraney, and Burke families.

On Sunday morning, we traveled down to Pueblo West to attend church with Mark Thomas and the church there.  They also meet in a school.

Before church, Mark shared some information about the history of FWB's in Colorado.

Mark likes to use his hands when he talks.

The church provided us a nice lunch after church.  Then we all pitched in to help clean up.
Bob Lewis had some experience in this as a former (3 times) home missionary.

Mark and Donna Thomas

On Sunday afternoon, we visited the Air Force Academy.
This is Sandy in front of the Chapel.

On Sunday night, we went to Colorado Springs to attend church with Dexter Guin and the church there.
They have a beautiful new building!

John Gibbs did a good job singing in both the Sunday services.
(John is a former home missions staff member)
Tim Stout preached Sunday morning and David Crowe preached Sunday night.
Both did a good job!
The church provided a nice supper after the service.

Dexter and Dennise Guin.

Then we got a picture with their daughters: Kayla and Kristen.

A picture of the whole group.
On Memorial Day, we all headed home.
Good memories of seeing the beauty of God's creation, meeting home missionary families, and enjoying fellowship with each other!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Sandy and I traveled to Erie, Pennsylvania the weekend before last to be with the Grimes family and their new church.  On Friday and Saturday, we had a Marriage Seminar at the church.  Here is a picture of Daryl and Michelle on the left.  Darin and Joy Alvis (home missionaries to Buffalo, NY) were kind enough to support the church and attend the seminar. They are on the right.

Here is Tony and Marie Drakulic.  (Sorry I didn't get your face, Marie)  They are moving from Columbus, Ohio to Erie to help start the new church.  I really appreciate people who are willing to do that!  It was good getting to know this nice young couple.  Pray for Tony to get a job in Erie.

Tom and Pam Jones (home missionaries near Pittsburgh) also came up to attend the marriage seminar.  It is great to see more churches getting started in the northeast and it is great to seeing these home missionaries supporting each other!

Daryl has been able to rent a building for a very reasonable price.  Here is a few people before the Sunday morning service.  That's Sandy at the front.

Another view of the auditorium.  I liked the way they showed the announcements on the screen before the service.

Here is Daryl greeting everyone.  This was only their 3rd Sunday service and they set a new record attendance - 35!

On the right is 16 year old Luke Grimes.  He did a great job playing the guitar and leading the music. That is Tony Drakulic and Michelle Grimes also singing.

Here is Charity Grimes. (on the right)  The Grimes have another son but somehow I didn't get his picture.  Sorry, Isaiah.

Luke and Daryl getting something to eat at the lunch after church.

It was nice to have a room to have meals like this.  Most of the people stayed and ate.

It was very exciting to be at this brand new church!  God is working in Erie!