Thursday, October 7, 2010

A New Church in Greenfield, California

Jim and Tracy Kilgore moved to Greenfield, California to start a new Free Will Baptist Church. On Saturday, October 3, they had an Operation Saturation to spread the word about the church. On Sunday, October 4, they had their launch service. Masters Men Director, Ken Akers, and my wife, Sandy, and I went to California to be with the Kilgores for this special weekend.
Here is a picture of the Kilgore family with Ken and us. We ate together at a local restaurant. Three of the Kilgore children are here - Hannah, Samuel, and Daniel. Their oldest, Caleb, is in college.

About 70 people showed up on Saturday for the Operation Saturation. Several pastors of other FWB churches came with several people in their churches. Some drove 2-3 hours to be there.

Here are some of the folks who went door to door that day. The guy with the beard and glasses is Tracy's first pastor - Sam Hensley, with his wife Bobbie. Sandy is beside them.

Here is Jim and me beside his church sign.

We are gathered to hear instruction.

That's Hannah Kilgore facing the camera.

Jim is handing out assignments. The guy with the glasses is Stan Barron, brother of home missionary, Jerry Barron.

Jim's neighbor cooked lunch for all of us.

This is Sunday morning as the crowd gathers. 57 people came that morning! A few were visitors from out of town, but over 40 were from Greenfield. That's a good attendance for their opening service.

I was honored to pray a prayer of dedication for the new church.

Tracy did a good job leading the singing.

Jim preached a great message.

Of course, we ate again after church. Jim is waving because he is excited and relieved that the service went so well.