Tuesday, December 6, 2011


McKinney, Texas

This is a growing city north of Dallas that Sandy and I visited recently. The Wright family has moved there to start a new church.

Here is Randall and Collette with Joshua, Rebekah, and Leah on their pet cow.

This is their house.

This is the Wrights in the lobby of their church.

Just kidding on all three of the pictures above.
The cow is one of the sculptures in Dallas of a herd of cows.
The house is where they filmed some of the tv show Dallas.
The church lobby is in a local megachurch. Maybe someday...

But for now... they meet on Sunday mornings in a local school.

Here is the room before church started.

Technology is great when it works. It wasn't working that day. Randall and Josh are trying to figure it out.

Randall did a good job preaching that day.
You could tell he enjoys preaching.

He also enjoys relaxing at home watching an Alabama football game.

We had a great time with the whole family. Randall and the folks there have a great opportunily as McKinney continues to boom. (They have more restaurants than anyplace I've ever been) Looking forward to good things happening in the new church there!

Amarillo, Texas

It was a short flight from Dallas to Amarillo to visit Jeff and Sondra Cates in Canyon.

Here is a picture of them from another visit we made. They are standing in front of Palo Duro Canyon (second largest in the US). Hence the name Canyon.

Here is the church building - only about a year old.

This is the inside of the church looking toward the front. How many churches do you know of that have a saddle on the wall?

This is the baptistry located in the closet. Yes, it does look like a horse watering trough.

They have a shed on the property that is the official Man Cave. No women allowed.

Every Monday night, the men get together in the Man Cave and cook supper. We had ribeye steaks the night I was there. Good stuff!

Here are the 17 guys from that night. Great bunch of nice guys!

We enjoyed seeing Jeff and Sondra. Jeff is a man's man, but also is a thinker. The Cates are doing a great job building a church in Canyon!