Thursday, February 14, 2013


Collinsville, IL is a suburb of St. Louis.  Steven Gray started a church there about 5 years ago.  The church averages around 90 on Sunday mornings.  Sandy and I visited Steven and Denise and the church this last weekend.

Steven and Denise at lunch

Steven shows me their portable baptistry

This is the Youth Room.  They have a weekly youth activity in here.

The auditorium before church on Sunday

People gather in this room on Sunday mornings for coffee and conversation

Steven used tennis balls as an object lesson at the beginning of his sermon  on the family.

Steven and Denise have 4 children: Jacob, Caleb, Hannah, and Levi.
Great looking family!

Everyone at the church was warm and friendly and it was a good service!

Please be in prayer for Steven and the church as they search for a building for a permanent location.
We appreciate their hard work in planting a new church!

Friday, February 1, 2013


A new church in Marana, Arizona is being started by Jeff Goodman and Josh Bennett.  The church had the first service about 1 & 1/2 years ago and is averaging about 90.  We appreciate the great job they are doing in this suburb of Tucson.

Jeff, Heather, and Ava Goodman

Josh, Ashley, and Sawyer Bennett

I sent Jeff and Josh a list of questions and they have made a video of their answers.  This is very  interesting, informative, and helpful.  It is worth watching just to hear about "the most successful thing we have done..."  The video is less than 10 minutes long.  Take a look: