Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Sandy and I visited the home mission work in Exeter, Rhode Island this past weekend.  We had a great time with Bill and Christy Reynolds and their 4 children.  Bill is a Rhode Island native, so he fits in well.  He is doing a good job building a church there.  That includes literally building a new church building - Bill was the General Contractor (and main laborer).  They finished it in August, 2012.

Here's a picture of the outside of their beautiful new building.

Nice looking big parking lot

Big fellowship hall with great kitchen

Auditorium seats 250

Nursery - I like the lettering

Bill's son, Billy, plays the guitar for service.

Here's Bill leading the service.

Christy did a great job playing the piano!

Bill's daughter, Michaela, is on the right playing the keyboard.

Greeting time.  The church averages about 70 on Sunday morning.

Tommy and Sue Goodfellow had helped work on the building last year.  Now they have moved to Rhode Island to continue to help the church.  I would love to see more people do this.  The Goodfellows are the parents of home missionary Dawn Elliott in Quebec. 

Fellowship Dinner and Pie Contest after church

They twisted my arm to be a judge in the pie contest.  You can see that I really hated it.

Tommy Goodfellow hated it, too.

We loved spending time with the Reynolds family.  The children are respectful and yet a lot of fun.
Bill and Christy are dedicated and hard working.  They are also down to earth and humble.
We appreciate the great job they are doing!

Bill, Christy, Michaela, Hannah, Billy, and Sarah

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