Wednesday, August 3, 2011

National Convention 2011

The Free Will Baptist National Association met in Charlotte, North Carolina this year. As always, one of the best things about the convention is seeing your friends. However, I did take a week's vacation after the convention. Being nice for a whole week wears me out.
Thank you to Rachel Atwood and Dawn Elliott for the pictures.

The Home Missions Reception on Sunday night was well attended.
Here are some folks in line for food.

Here is Josh Bennett, Danny Elliott, and Brian Williams. Maybe Danny ate something spicy.

Summer Elliott, Mark and Danielle McCraney, and David Crowe.

Emily Williams and Collette Wright

Ron and Elaine Parker and Earl and Bernice Hanna

Mike Hayes is anxious to get the crate unpacked and booth set up.

Teresa Womack and Sue Hayes setting up the Home Missions booth.

David Crowe and Ida Lewis are proud of our display.

I helped, too.

Daryl Grimes, Allen Hall, Greg Floars, and Mandy Jones

Grandpa Jones with two of his grandchildren

The missionaries are lining up for to march in during the Wednesday night service.

Flags from all over the world lead the missionaries as they come into the auditorium.

Thank God for a good convention!