Friday, July 8, 2011

Going On Lately

Battle Creek, Michigan is Cereal City - both Kellogg and Post are located there. Jeff and Charissa Isaacs are also there - starting a church. Sandy and I visited with them last week. The chuch building looks great. It was a church years ago and then a funeral home. After a lot of renovation work, it is a church again.
Here is Jeff getting ready for Wednesday night Bible study.

Sandy and Charissa talking after church.

Here's the whole crew. Jeff and Charissa have 2 children: Clay and Sarah.
There is a good work going there (about 50 in attendance now) and we are looking for a good future.

Greg Floars and the church near Marquette, Michigan had a float in a couple of Independence Day parades. The theme for their float was Fallen Heroes. All told, they will appear in 4 parades in the upper peninsula. I like it!

Barry Long had a weekday camp in Aurora, Colorado (suburb of Denver). A youth group came out to run the camp at a local school. 49 kids attended! They also had a cookout for the neighborhood on July 4 with 66 people!

Here is a picture of Larry and Wanda Powell in St. Croix, Virgin Islands. They recently visited there and Brother Larry preached in the FWB church. The Powells went to the Virgin Islands in 1967 to start that church. The church and school are both going strong.

Good things are happening all over. Don't be discouraged by all the stories of gloom and doom.

God is working!