Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Here is a picture of the Home Missions Board meeting in December, 2010.
These men take time out of their busy schedule to serve for no pay. They have a heart for starting new churches and for the home missionary families. Thank you, Board members!
From left to right:
Bob Lewis, Tennessee
Earl Hanna, South Carolina
Bob Thebeau, Missouri
Matt Upton, California (Board Clerk)
Randy Wright, Alabama (Board Chairman)
(Standing is General Director Larry Powell)
Ron Parker, Louisiana (Board Assistant Chairman)
Tim Stout, Ohio
Bobby Shepherd, Arkansas
Jerry Atwell, Mississippi

Sue Hayes and Janice Donoho
Sue is CELF Accounting Administrator and Assistant to the Director.
Janice is Assistant to the Director of Missionary Assistance.

Larry Powell, General Director

David Crowe, Director of Development

Kathy Brown (on the left) is the Home Missions Accounting Administrator.
Ida Lewis (on the right) is the Publications Editor.
In the middle is me, Richard Atwood, Director of Missionary Assistance.

I'm thankful to work on the same team with all these good people on the Home Missions staff. They do a great job, work hard, and love home missions.

I'm also thankful for all the home missionary families. They are salt of the earth Christians trying to shine their light in dark places.

From all of us on the Board and Staff, we hope for you a happy time with your family and friends over the Christmas holidays!
We pray for God's blessings and direction for you for 2011.