Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Colorado Trip

Sandy and I just got back from a 9 day trip to Colorado. We visited several home missionaries there and held a Regional Meeting in Colorado Springs.

On the first Sunday, we went to church with Scott Cheatham in Denver. Here is their building:

Scott is not ashamed that he is Free Will Baptist.

I like churches that have signs that let me know where to go.

Here is Scott and Becky and Sandy and me in their auditorium.

Here is Scott and Becky with their 3 children, son-in-law, and grandson.

Aurora is a suburb of Denver. The Longs have recently moved there and are meeting people as they work to start a new church. This is Barry, Jessica, and Austin with Sandy in the Longs home.

Naturally, we had to all go out to eat.

You don't go too far south of Denver before you get to Castle Rock, where the Burkes have moved to start a church.
Here is Sandy and me in front of the namesake of the town.

Donnie and Susan with the town of Castle Rock behind them. This is almost at the top of the rock.

The trail ended near the top, but Donnie and I climbed on up to the top.
Here is Donnie pointing out something to me.

Proof that I climbed to the top.

We took a picture of Sandy and Susan down on the trail.

We went to a local cafe to eat. They had great food.

This is a picture of the auditorium of the new building in Colorado Springs. Dexter Guin, Tim Hodges, and their people have done a lot of work. The building is beautiful. Already they are having a lot of visitors.

It was Pastor Appreciation Day that Sunday. Tim Hodges is presenting gifts to Dexter, Dennise, Keilah, and Kristin. His wife and two daughters are also a big part of the ministry.

Our regional meeting was held at the Colorado Springs church. The old auditorium is now the fellowship hall. Here is a picture as we are getting ready to start our meeting.

This is a picture of all the guys at the meeting - Tim Hodges, Barry Long, Scott Cheatham, Dexter Guin, Mark Thomas, Richard Atwood, and Donnie Burke.

One afternoon we all loaded up into the church van and Dexter took us on a ride through some beautiful Colorado scenery.

At 11 Mile Canyon, Sandy had to put her feet in the water. It was cold.

Of course, we had to eat together one more time before everyone went home.

These Colorado church planters are a great bunch of people! We loved spending time with them. Pray for their success in reaching people for Christ and building churches.