Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Tim Osborn in Memphis, TN area has been battling cancer.  Larry Powell, Sandy, and I went down last week to visit Tim and Robyn and take them out to lunch.  His recent CAT Scan showed no more growth on the cancer.  Let's keep praying for more good news with his health.  Tim preaches every Sunday and the church is doing well.

Here is Tim showing Larry Powell the baptistery.

Robyn and Sandy look over the auditorium.  They have had to make more room for more people


Melissa Lewis in Clarksville, TN - The doctor said that the cancer is not growing and she doesn't have to have any treatments for the foreseeable future.

Greg and Lea Floars in Marquette, MI - Both had surgery (Greg-knee and Lea-shoulder) right before the end of the year and are recovering.

Board member Ron Parker's grandson Pierce is having tests to decide on treatment for tumor in his leg.


Congratulations to Kent and Jeanna Nelson on the birth of their new daughter - Corinna Jewel.

Congratulations to Allen and Jenny Hall on the adoption of their new son - Joshua Allen


Jose Correa in Puerto Rico had 60 young people attend a youth retreat.

The home mission church in Suffolk, VA (David Sexton and Marc Neppl) had 311 visitors in 2012 with 23 people saved!

Daryl Grimes in Erie, PA took 8 men to the Ohio Men's Retreat.

Greenfield, CA church had 105 people attend their Wednesday night Christmas play - from home missionary Jim Kilgore.


 Dana and Betty Booth have left New York to minister in Alabama.
Here is Dana on the left and Betty is on the left in the picture below.

Dana is passing the baton to his Associate - Jim Martin
Jim and Sylvia are on the left.

We also say goodbye to the Crabtrees.  Their church in Fredericton, New Brunswick went self-supporting at the end of 2012.
Here's a picture of me and Jeff (R)

Here is Donna with her handbag.

My favorite picture of their church building.

We appreciate the dedication, hard work, and faithfulness of the Booths and Crabtrees.  It has been great to work with them!  I'm happy to call them my friends.
Remember - you are always a part of the home missions family!

Monday, January 21, 2013


The home missions church in Clarksville, TN was started by Clayton Hampton.  Clayton has moved to Michigan and passed the baton to Chad Kivette.  
Clarksville is a fast growing area and is located near Ft. Campbell.

As Sandy and I pulled into the parking lot yesterday, I immediately noticed the big signs.  Nobody driving by can miss the time for the Sunday morning service.

Chad makes sure he greets every one.  I think it is very important in a home mission church for the pastor to give people a warm welcome.  (That goes for other churches, too.)

Home Missions Board member, Bob Lewis, was at the service, along with his wife, Brenda.

Chad preached a good message on sacrifice and not just giving to God that which cost us nothing.

Here is a picture of the family - Chad and Paula with Kinsley (right) and Kylah (left).

Brian and Melissa Lewis also work as team members in the church.  Here is Brian and Melissa with Camden (right) and Rory (left).

The church owns land and is trying to find plans for a building of their own that they can afford.